Employee Management System

Here to make your workforce better and efficient.


A workforce is the lifeblood of a company so management must be best for them. The more efficient they are, the better the organisation thrives.

People helps you connect to your distributed team with real-time information and keep a track of their daily activities like attendance time, current location, leaves, advance slips etc.

Key Features

Remote Attendance monitoring

Monitors the attendance of your widespread staff.

Task management

Manages the tasks of every employee to increase the efficiency.

Salary/expense management

Manages the salary and expenses of each and every employee to make your work easier.

Real time management

Gives your the real-time information of every employee so you can supervise them from any place.

Employee Documentation

Saves all your employee's documents for easy access and hassle free management.

Seating location

Saves the placement information of every employee in different branches.

General Questions

What is employee management system ?
Employee Management app is a platform where you can manage all your field or remote staff’s attendance, record their work and performance. It allows business owners to track the punch-in and punch-out time to analyse the efficiency of its employees.
Yes. the sole purpose of this system is to allow you to manage your widespread employees and check if they are working efficiently and effectively. It gathers information and gives you real-time information to keep a check.
Yes, we provide a comprehensive demo of our employee management System. Our services are spread all across India, and you can ask for a demo at any time at no extra charge by getting in touch with our team.
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