TrackNerd Lokkate - How it works


TrackNerd Lokkate is a cloud-based fleet management solution that gives you total visibility and control over your vehicle fleet anytime, anywhere. From managing maintenance, fuel and labor costs to enforcing a safe and lean driving culture, TrackNerd Lokkate puts you in the driver’s seat.
Allowing access to both historical and real-time fleet information whenever and wherever you’re online – including on mobile. The system receives and processes data from individual vehicle tracking devices, empowering you to make businesses decisions supported by up-to-date, accurate fleet performance information.

TrackNerd Lokkate can be used to monitor various vehicle types, including heavy and light commercial vehicles, locomotives and ships. Data that can be tracked includes:

  • Speed and driving direction
  • Coordinates
  • Engine RPMs
  • Fuel consumption and fuel levels
  • Driving habits (e.g. harsh acceleration or braking)
  • On-board voltage
  • Tyre pressure


Tracking your vehicle assets with an automated digital solution helps achieve efficiencies in the most expensive parts of your business. Giving you comprehensive control of your fleet from any location, TrackNerd Lokkate is the solution to the fleet management challenge.

  • Monitor vehicle condition and fuel consumption
  • Predict maintenance needs and costs
  • Control CO2 emissions
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Enhance driver and vehicle safety and security
  • Use your fleet more efficiently
  • Prevent accidents
Benefits and Advantages of TrackNerd Lokkate


TrackNerd Lokkate gives your business a foundation for enhanced decision-making, efficiency and growth

Tracknerd Lokkate component - GPS Tracker
Tracknerd Lokkate component - Fuel Sensor
Tracknerd Lokkate Reports
Cloud Based | Powerful Benefits - Icon


Available from anywhere with internet access.

SaaS | Powerful Benefits - Icon


No infrastructure or maintenance costs.

Flexible | Powerful Benefits - Icon


Can be installed at your business premises if required.

Mobile | Powerful Benefits - Icon


iOS and Android apps allow monitoring from your smartphone or tablet.

Visible | Powerful Benefits - Icon


Executive’s desktop displays all fleet parameters on one screen, giving you crucial information at a glance.

Advanced fuel analytics | Powerful Benefits - Icon

Advanced fuel analytics

Industry most comprehensive fuel analytics: know how much your fleet consumes, how every vehicle performs, when you need to refill, where and when vehicles have been filled, exact amount of filled fuel, fuel volume in each vehicle online, fuel used on a route, refueling and draining, detailed statistics, CO2 emissions, deviation from rated fuel consumption and much more.

Rich reporting | Powerful Benefits - Icon

Rich reporting

Create custom reports and dashboards to filter out irrelevant data and instantly get the most important information about your fleet’s performance.

Integrated | Powerful Benefits - Icon


Easily connect with existing business intelligence systems, ERP systems and equipment.

Unique Fuelmetrix algorithms | Powerful Benefits - Icon

Unique Fuelmetrix algorithms

In-house developed algorithms smooth fuel data variations caused by physical conditions, filter out data noise and provide meaningful data. No false alarms, no disturbances.

Scalable | Powerful Benefits - Icon


Add vehicles, drivers and geofences to the platform as needed and create groups according to your business structure. Copy, move and export groups between platform users.

Customized Setup | Powerful Benefits - Icon

Customized setup

All vehicle parameters, events and notification options can be specified during setup, giving you the most insightful data for making critical business decisions.

User Friendly | Powerful Benefits - Icon


Intuitive interface makes it easy to train users and promote use of the system.


Easy installation by experienced team with all safety measures for your fleet.

Analysis of the Vehicle - Icon

1. Analysis of the Vehicle

Drilling a Hole in Fuel Tank - Icon

2. Drilling a Hole in Fuel Tank

Prepare the Sensor - Icon

3. Prepare the Sensor.

Integrate the Sensor - Icon

4. Integrate the Sensor.

Calibrate - Icon

5. Calibrate

Connect Tracker to Engine and Battery - Icon

6. Connect Tracker to Engine and Battery

Finalize - Icon

7. Finalize

Start Tracking - Icon

8. Start Tracking