Fleet Management System

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Make a smart choice by choosing a cloud based management system that gives you all the information of your fleet such as fuel capacity, driver’s performance, route taken and much more which puts you in the driver’s seat with the comfort of being at home.

Key Features

Multi Filter

Set multiple filters based on the information you want.

Driver behaviour analytics

Gives you an insightful analysis of your driver's performance and behaviour.

Data Archive / History

Keeps a record of all the data for future use.

Restful api

Allows for interaction and data transfer with other web services.

Driver management

Helps you manage your drivers smoothly to avoid the confusion.

Predective maintenance Alert

Gives you maintenance alerts for your vehicle based on their performance.

Customizable reports

Gives you customized reports and analysis based on the information.

Role based access

Gives you access to the information according to your role in the firm.

Vahan integration

Takes care of all the burdensome activity of vehicle registration for you.

Vehicle Documentation

Stores all your vehicle's documents for easy and handy management.

General Questions

How can you save on fuel cost for your fleet ?
According to a recent study, fuel costs account for almost 40% of the total cost of fleet operation. With the help of our fleet management system, fleet owners can reduce their fuel costs by up to 20-30% by optimizing routes. Through TrackNerd fleet tracking solutions, fleet owners can have a 360-degree view of their vehicles. In this way, fleet owners would be able to track the location and movement of their vehicles anywhere, anytime with TrackNerd’s fleet monitoring software.
GPS Fleet tracking companies like TrackNerd use state-of-the-art technology to make tracking an easy and efficient process for all stakeholders involved. The entire tracking ecosystem relies on Telematics to provide live and accurate vehicular information. GPS fleet tracking involves mapping of location coordinates that relay the exact position of a vehicle in real time. The information is then transferred in packets to a server, which further transmits this data to fleet management solutions employed by you, either a mobile application or a desktop application.
The economy of India banks on the transportation industry for the most part. Hence, it is imperative that fleet management is made a crucial aspect of all types of fleet operations. And this will radically change the face of the freight industry in India. With fleet management, freightage will become a more streamlined and efficient process. Timely deliveries and accurate shipment schedules can be created, and subsequently managed, apart from its utility to track your fleet. Since maintenance and fuel saving are important segments that are looked after by fleet management solutions, lower business costs will ensure more investment in this dynamic industry. GPS fleet monitoring for vehicles is bound to change the landscape of the freight industry in India.
The ability to track your assets anytime, anywhere in real time from the comfort of your home or office is a huge boon to making your daily GPS fleet tracking operations more efficient. This can be effectively done through a combination of fleet and asset management system, intelligent reports and software. With just a click, you can use our GPS fleet management software in India to:

1. Track the location of all your vehicles from the comfort of your home or office.

2. Keep a track on the condition of your assets and schedule regular fleet maintenance reminders.

3. Monitor the use and activity of your assets to ensure compliance.

4. Keep an eye on wasteful and dangerous driver behaviours.

5. Optimize inefficient driver routes.

6. Verify time card information to reduce misreported information.

7. Using the software’s geofencing tool, you can monitor that your assets remain within specified areas. For municipalities and emergency responders, this can help you know if you have emergency personnel coverage in specific areas. Furthermore, through the use of the fleet management device’s mapping and route optimization tools, you can also improve your department or organization’s emergency response time.

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