Construction Industry

Get state of the art analytics and monitoring for your construction workhorses .


With a sector so large and varied comes a great deal of responsibility and work pressure. We hear your problems and provide you with smart solutions to help you perform your tasks with ease. Get real-time information of your widespread fleet to keep a check on the movement of the raw-materials. Save on the fuel costs by monitoring its usage.

Manage your workforce and get varied information like their attendance, location and tasks assigned for smooth functioning. Also get maintenance alerts for your fleet to take proactive decisions and increase the efficiency.

Value We Add


A virtual safe house that keeps an eye on entry and exit of assets carrying raw materials.


Track and monitor movement of assets and raw material from anywhere, anytime. Prevent losses occurring due to fuel theft from the assets operating at a remote location.

Proper equipment maintenance

We let you monitor the usage of your construction equipment and help you reduce downtime or prevent breakdowns of frequently used equipment.



Litres of Fuel Saved

Increased Efficiency

Time Saved

Productivity Increased