Government Municipality

One stop for your widespread fleet.


The task of supervising the fleet spread all over can be a huge task. Our services make it easy for you to keep an eye on all your fleet and its activities. You can now make quick decisions based on the analysis reports created by regular monitoring of the activities and behaviour.

Value We Add

Efficiency & Transparency

Efficient route planning and tracking of assets on road. Monitor work hours, travel time and distance. Transparent vendor payments based on real time tracking and trip history.

Citizens convenience and grievances

Real time information of the movement of public buses, time table and real time ETA (dynamically based on traffic conditions) through our platform will increase convenience and reduce public grievances. Similarly, garbage collection and other services can be designed for citizens convenience allowing administration to focus on other important issues.


Our highly secured platform is designed to be used by the least tech savvy workforce. It is highly customizable, enabling administration to restrict and limit its access on a need to know basis. This greatly increases simplicity and compliance.