Car Rental Industry

Keep track of your entire fleet with just a single touch.


Owning numerous amount of cars with constantly changing drivers is difficult to manage. We are here to put you at ease and give you all the information you need to manage your fleet. We not only provide you real-time location, fuel information but also analyse the driver’s behaviour for you and send you alerts for vehicle maintenance which allows you to take proactive measures.

Value We Add

Billing / Invoicing

Generate bill for your client with exact distance and trip history for better transparency and trust.

Driver Management

Our platform will help you efficiently manage driver allowances and overtime pay. Also efficiently maintain and manage duty hours for operational ease.


Maintain all vehicle and driver related documents under one platform. Get advance alerts for maintenance and renewal of insurance/ emission tests etc.


KMS Saved through Route Planning

Time Saved

Litres of Fuel Saved

Increased Efficiency