We have built a platform for people to Create, Store & Manage geo-location data to answer their day-to-day questions. In other words, we provide GPS based advanced location tracking services, with offerings in this space for individuals, organizations and businesses looking for end-to-end solution & support.

We offer GPS | GSM | GPRS Trackers with SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform accompanied by an integrated cloud-telephony infrastructure for 3rd person perspective usage.

About TrackNerd GPS

During our extensive 3 years long research in GPS domain at TrackNerd GPS, we found that although GPS technology has been there for quite some time and its requirement in personal space has existed since it has only been put to use for navigation or other 1st Person perspective usage. With TrackNerd GPS we are trying to cater to a 3rd person perspective usage like parents that are looking to track whereabouts of their child, especially kindergarten-to-6 class; not with an intent of policing but for peace of mind and security. So we looked at this scenario and tried to find a solution with the intent of making least changes in their current routine. So we came up with TrackNerd Shadow; half the size of a mobile phone, for your kid and tracking services for you in the cloud.

Our Products

  1. TrackNerd Shadow - TrackNerd Shadow is ready to use portable GPS Child Tracker for Parents to keep track of their Kid's whereabouts & well-being in real time - with ease. Small, lightweight and easy to conceal Safety Device for Kids to carry and secure tracking services for Parents on Web, Mobile and SMS.
  2. TrackNerd Lokkate - TrackNerd Lokkate is a cloud-based fleet management solution that gives you total visibility and control over your vehicle fleet anytime, anywhere. From managing maintenance, fuel and labour costs to enforcing a safe and lean driving culture, TrackNerd Lokkate puts you in the driver’s seat.
    It offers enormous value add and ROI by gathering location, fuel, engine, speed, data, temperature (Container) of vehicles; interpreting the information in real time and facilitating views, alerts & reports helping focus on actionable items with immediate effect on operational cost & efficiency.
    Allowing access to both historical and real-time fleet information whenever and wherever you’re online – including on mobile. The system receives and processes data from individual vehicle tracking devices, empowering you to make businesses decisions supported by up-to-date, accurate fleet performance information.

TrackNerd pursues R&D in Telematics, M2M Communication, Machine Learning and IOT domain.

Telematics: TrackNerd GPS devices, relies on GSM to communicate with the server and comes pre-installed with a service SIM card.
There are 2 kinds of communication happening between the hardware device and server in the cloud:

  1. Hardware is persistently sending geo-location data to the server. This is simple and happens over GPRS data connection on GSM.
  2. The server sending control commands to the device and receiving acknowledgements back. This is tricky and is done via SMS. For this communication to happen, a unique SMS GATEWAY and LONGCODE pair are required. Because the device simply responds to control commands back to the number.
Apart from above-mentioned GSM components; in the telematics domain, TrackNerd GPS utilizes Cloud PBX services. This service allows us to provide our end users with a number in the cloud that they can call or SMS to utilize TrackNerd GPS features. Upon calling this number; end users are authorized and connected to their respective Shadow devices being carried by their kid, so they can hear what’s happening around them without interrupting. End users can also send SMS queries to this number for accessing real-time geo-location information; e.g. sending ‘CL’ fetches current location of their kid. This facilitates the ability to fetch information over internet; via SMS, without having access to internet.

Machine Learning: There are two key sets of algorithms that differentiate us from our competitors and allow us to offer a RELIABLE tracking solution to our end users.

  1. DIE (Data Interpretation Engine) - This set is responsible for interpretation of geo-location data (GPRMC strings) on run time. For example; these algorithms identify when the device starts moving and when it stops, similarly these algorithms identify when the device entered or left a designated zone so the end user can be notified.
  2. DBCM (Device Behavior Control Module) - This set is responsible for persistently controlling the behaviour of a hardware device; e.g. geo-location update frequency, based on inputs from DIE. It automates tasks like increasing update frequency as soon as the device starts moving.

M2M Communication: To address the reliability issues of current personal GPS tracker solutions available in the market, TrackNerd GPS completely changed the way end user services were delivered. In spite of relying on hardware device for end-user services, we fused it with cloud server by implementing M2M communication between the two and offered services through the server. To do so, we not only had to create an innovative GSM-Internet mashup infrastructure but also develop Machine Learning algorithms for geo-location data interpretation on run time and device behaviour control modules that are briefly explained above.

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