AIS 140

Solving all your tracking problems.


This is a government certified vehicle tracking system which comes along with an emergency alert button to ensure the public safety.

In the event of any mishap/emergency, the transport authority can effectively locate the vehicle and send assistance for the same and allows the passenger to contact the services directly, when in need.

Key Features

Real time

Enable users to track the vehicles on the map, get status information about the vehicle.

Secure comunication & device management

Integrated with all VLT device vendor protocols as approved for AIS-140.

Web interface

Follows the whole process as set-out in the MORTH guidelines and AIS-140.

Map Services

Complies with survey of India guidelines and shows real-time location of the vehicles.

Alerts & messages

Generates various alerts like over-speeding, restricted-area violation, route violation etc. as per the AIS-140 standard.


The system provides various reports like device installation, device uptime, number and type of alerts, speed violation report, alert reports etc.

Data archival

Enables users to track the location of vehicles on the map, get status information about the vehicle.

General Questions

What is AIS 140 GPS Tracking Devices ?
AIS 140 GPS tracking devices are vehicle tracking systems that fully comply with the AIS-140 mandate. On 1st April 2018, the Indian government made it mandatory for all commercial vehicles, either the vehicles with a yellow number plate including public and private transport buses, cabs, taxis and other vehicles that ferry people to get AIS 140 certified GPS Trackers. As per this mandate, these vehicles are supposed to have a vehicle tracking system installed within, along with surveillance cameras and emergency SOS button to provide a safe and reliable transport network to the public. It brings the perfect blend of camera/satellite surveillance, emergency request and vehicle tracking which will benefit the entire chain of transportation: Fleet owners -> drivers -> passengers.
There are a host of technical benefits that come with AIS 140 GPS tracker, including: -Cost Optimisation:

1. The AIS 140 GPS device will help you to cut down on your daily fuel expenditure cost significantly by suggesting the shortest route to reach your destination.

2. SOS button for crises: The vehicle tracking devices that are AIS 140 complaint comes with an important feature which allows you to activate an emergency button with just a click. Once an emergency information reaches the emergency response server, precautionary measures will soon come to your need.

3. Tampering alerts: The telematics device will pop up an alert when your vehicle tracking device is being tampered with.

4. Vehicle Health advisor: The AIS 140 certification will act as a barometer for vehicle health inspection. Our AIS 140 certified device will be embedded with a vehicle health monitoring system and diagnostics tool which can ensure the health of your vehicle anytime, anywhere. It can also report about possibilities of wear and tear which can cause transport breakdowns
The price of AIS 140 GPS devices is variable across states in India, on account of different certifications required in different states. At TrackNerd, we provide you with certified AIS-140 devices at competitive prices. To know about how to purchase AIS-140 device, please get in touch with our team.
There are a few AIS 140 GPS device manufacturers in India. TrackNerd is leading the race of AIS 140 GPS device manufacturers with at least 30,000 vehicles successfully passed through RTO across the entire country.

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